Wine Manager, Hide Restaurant


Wine Manager, Hide Restaurant

As Wine Manager, your role is to provide support to the floor based team and manage the daily back of house operations of the wine department. You are responsible for ensuring that the logistical side of the wine function is well maintained and co-ordinated. Your role within the wine department ensures that all wine lists are up to date & correct, the cellar is maintained and stock levels held at the Hide cellar are consistent.

A key part of your role is wine list development in terms of wines in the Hide cellar, wines by the glass and tasting flights. You will liaise with the Head Sommelier and the Director of Food and Beverage, making informed decisions around available data as to appropriate stock lines to include within the Hide Cellar and by the glass. These lines must be considered both on merit of their achieved margin as well as their popularity of choice. The Hide Cellar is a representation of the wider listings available yet must be used as a tool for an efficient service and as much as possible must negate the necessity of travel between Hedonism Wines and Hide during service. You will co-ordinate listings with the buying team and the Head Sommelier, ensuring that new lines are well planned, communicated and the appropriate training materials are ready to distribute.

You will play an active role in guests’ pre-orders, ensuring that all inquiries are followed up in a timely manner and guests are advised according to their budget and stylistic preferences. You will meet with the Reservations team at least once a week, ensuring that upcoming events and private dining reservations have their wines arranged and planned, ensuring that function sheets are complete and accurate and pre-orders placed where necessary.

You will also play an active role in recruitment alongside the Head Sommelier. You will monitor the induction process and ensure that new recruits are correctly trained and inducted. Creating and amending training documents and induction programmes as and when necessary falls within your remit. You will liaise with the Head/Assistant Head Sommeliers to achieve this and delegate the work as appropriate.

You will also ensure that rotas are created and published in a timely manner, ensuring even and fair section allocation. You will also work on the floor of the restaurant where necessary, with an average of 50% of your time being on the floor.

The promotion of both Hide and Hedonism Wines is an essential part of your role, as is ensuring that the value found within the wine list is communicated in a professional and positive manner. It is also part of your remit to ensure that junior staff pay regular visits to Hedonism Wines to learn more of the operation there as well as participate in tastings and training sessions held onsite. The promotion of Hide in the wider industry context also falls within your remit. This includes, but is not limited to; encouraging and arranging staff to attend external tastings, arranging wine-maker visits to Hide and assisting in arranging wine events and dinners at Hide.

The Wine Manager is responsible for supporting & encouraging all members of the sommelier team to help maximize their individual wine & spirit sales potential and for ensuring the smooth operation and fair implementation of the sommelier commission system. You will take an active role in providing the necessary data to the Head Sommelier and provide assistance with the mentorship program of the individual sommeliers with a view to maximizing revenue across the wine and beverage revenue streams.

You are responsible for ensuring that there are sufficient quantities of glassware are available for mis en place & service, liaising with the Head Sommelier. A monthly stock take of glassware will take place, this falls within the your remit. When it is noticed that a shortfall has occurred this must be actioned swiftly so as the restaurant may be fully set in a timely manner.

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