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Thunderflower Distillery – 10% off

Thunderflower Distillery was launched in 2018 by Dom & Anicca O’Nions and is based in Devon. Dom originally learnt to distil with a view to running gin making classes at their Devon culinary school and the subsequent passion for distilling led to the development of the kind of full-bodied, London Dry gins that they both love to drink.

After much recipe development they decided to enter their resulting Thunderflower Gin into the regional Taste of the West awards where it picked up a Gold award giving great encouragement to bring the gin to market and ever since Thunderflower Distillery has enjoyed success building a strong following amongst craft-gin enthusiasts.

After scaling up production in 2020, they now run a 200 litre pot still that produces their award-winning premium spirits as well as custom gins for local hospitality brands. At weekends Anicca can often be found running a stand at a gin event or food festival while Dom is busy distilling.

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Their products:
Thunderflower Devon Dry Gin 42% abv –
Thunderflower is not a floral dominant gin but it is more herbaceous and spicy in nature. Aromatic, bold sage and heather combines with piney, peppery juniper and spices for a distinctive and enjoyably dry and savoury profile with great depth of flavour.

Elder Bay Blush 42% abv –
Elder Bay Blush is a delightfully refreshing craft-gin that celebrates flavours found in Devon. Combining two gin making techniques, we first distill a London Dry Gin using vapour infusion to marry piney Juniper with our signature flavours of Elderflower and Bay Leaf. They then infuse this gin with Rowan Berries, Hawthorn, Gorse and Rosehip adding tartness and notes of jam (as well as the colour). Pure Dartmoor spring water is all that is added to the spirit before bottling. The result is a uniquely fragrant gin with a great depth of flavour that celebrates regional flavours. Serve with lots of ice and your favourite premium tonic water.
Botanicals: Juniper, English Coriander Seed, Angelica, Bay Leaves, Elderflower, Rosehips, Rowan Berries, Hawthorn Berries, Gorse Flowers, Orange, and more

FireShip 58 Navy Strength 58% abv –
Used in 17th century naval warfare, Fire Ships were wooden ships packed with combustibles and gunpowder, set alight and steered whilst ablaze into the enemy fleet. Fireship 58 was awarded BEST ENGLISH NAVY at the World Gin Awards 2023.

English Orchard Gin 42% avb
English Orchard was just awarded England’s Best Signature Botanical in the World Gin Awards 2024.Crisp English apples and a blend of warming spices are distilled with citrus and carefully chosen botanicals to create sweet mulled apple flavours in balance with a juniper finish.
Our botanical flavours are extracted through delicate vapour infusion in a one-shot distillation run with only pure Dartmoor spring water added to dilute the final spirit. Serve on ice with premium tonic water, use in your favourite gin based cocktail for a new twist, or enjoy neat on the rocks as a sipping gin

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