DropWorks Rum – 20% off plus 50% off distillery tours

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DropWorks Rum – 20% off plus 50% off distillery tours

DropWorks Rum is a British made rum, made in their distillery in Nottinghamshire, the heart of Britain. Created in 2023, they are now leading the new British rum scene.

They use the finest molasses and a special yeast strain. This yeast and their careful distillation give the rum its character. After distillation, they mature the spirit in their barrels. These are in three different ageing locations.

The Dropworks range:

Clear Drop: This is un-aged rum, showing the spirit in its purest form. Its distillation creates a soft product. It is ideal for those who like pure rum taste.

Funk Drop: Made for enthusiasts, this rum uses Wild Trinity yeast. It is distilled in a Double Retort still. The result is a rum full of rich, fruity aromas. It adds an extra touch to cocktails like Daiquiris.

Spice Drop: This spiced rum has no added spices. All flavours come from the raw ingredients. This shows Dropworks’ focus on natural processes.

Dark Drop: Dark Drop is a twice-distilled rum with rich molasses. It has a sweet and smoky pepper flavour. It suits those who like a twist in their rum.

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Additionally, visit the DropWorks Rum Distillery via one of the experiential tour packages! The DropWorks Distillery is located in Welbeck, Nottinghamshire, in the heart of Britain – where every Drop of their unique and modern British Rum is made.
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