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Cider Is Wine – 10% off

Cider Is Wine – Start a new conversation – Educate your customer – 10% off a range that will change your life!

Did you ever wonder why ‘real cider’ doesn’t sell more? Or why people take a step back when offered a free tasting of cider?

The answer is simple – quality. Most people believe that cider is cheap, sweet, fizzy and alcoholic.

Welcome to Cider Is Wine world!

Most people have no idea that the majority of cider in the UK is made from concentrate, much of which is imported, meaning that each 75cl bottle has the juice of less than one apple within it.

Start a new conversation with your customer – propose to them wines…from apples, pears and other fruits, certified by Cider Is Wine – 100% juice not from concentrate i.e. as grape wines.

At a time when consumers are demanding authenticity and integrity from their food and drink, why give them less? 

As a key trade operator we are giving you the unique opportunity to trial them with 10% off any 6 bottles selected from

Cider Is Wine certifies producers of wines from apples pears and other fruits fermented from 100% juice not from concentrate and educates trade and consumers about this whole new taste and experience landscape. 

We are especially passionate about food pairing and would welcome any enquiries for events that see these drinks paired with any style of gastronomic food experiences, and in particular S.E.Asian fine dining, where these drinks, carefully chosen, pair brilliantly! 

Go ahead start a new conversation to a new world!

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